Northway Construction is known for providing quality buildings and construction services to their clients.

Once our services are secured our dedication and commitment to perform and maintain momentum to the completion of the project is a company trait that we believe is key to our customer satisfaction. There are many different ways we can work with our clients to assist them in completing their projects, below are three different types of services that we offer with a brief description.

Stipulated Price Contract

Northway has many years and a great deal of experience as a General Contractor and working on stipulated price contracts. Clients who have completed the detailed process of obtaining drawings and specifications can be assured that Northway will bring the project to a successful completion. This option we would enter into a contract where the price is fixed and based on the drawings and specifications provided to us by the client.

Construction Management

The construction process is very exhilarating but at times can seem overwhelming. Northway offers Construction Management services to partner with clients and guide them from start to finish throughout the construction process. This is a vital part of the Construction Management process as it ensures the client makes the best decisions to feel confident that the project is completed as they envision it, on schedule and on budget. This option we would enter into a contract were we would be compensated monthly as the project proceeds.

Cost Plus a Fee Contract

This option allows the owner to enter into a contract with us prior to completing all the design documents. This option gives the owner more control over the cost of the work as it enables them to monitor costs and make adjustments during the course of the project as well as get the project going without having to wait for fully completed drawings. We are compensated either as a percentage of the costs incurred or as a fix price fee to complete the work.