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Stipulated Price is a delivery method under which an Owner contracts with a Consultant to design the project and who acts on the Owner’s behalf for the duration of the project. When the design and construction documents are complete, the Owner solicits bids, and contracts with a Contractor to have the project constructed.



Construction management for services and construction is a form of construction management under which the Construction Manager enters into multiple contracts with trade contractors. The Construction Manager is often a general contractor. The Construction Manager engages trade contractors as subcontractors, and is responsible for their performance. At the outset, the Construction Manager initially provides pre-construction advisory services similar to the construction management for services delivery method. During construction, the roles and responsibilities of the Construction Manager are similar to those of a contractor under design bid-build project delivery.



Design-Build is a delivery method, with variants, under which an Owner enters into an agreement with the Contractor (Design-Builder) who assumes the risk and responsibility for designing and constructing the project based on the Owner’s Statement of Requirements, usually under a stipulated price form of contract. There are a number of variants of this delivery method, but the most common method is where the Design-Builder assumes the risks for both design and construction. A complete Statement of Requirements, including performance specifications, is required to provide a firm basis for designing, pricing, planning and executing the project.