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Health & Safety

At Northway Construction we believe that health and safety in the workplace should always be an integral aspect of our business and everyday lives. Through this statement we will communicate our beliefs, intentions and expectations. We sincerely hope and expect that all Employees, Sub-contractors, Suppliers, Consultants and others who conduct work on or in our workplaces, will join us in our efforts to make each and every day a safe one.

In order to prevent workplace accidents and maintain safe and healthy working conditions in all of our workplaces, we will commit ourselves to the following:


  • Promotion of health and safety awareness, training and education
  • Work closely with health and safety professionals in the prevention of accidents
  • Encourage a pro-active approach to all health and safety issues
  • Monitor the workplace conditions and implement corrective measures where required
  • Provide assistance to Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • Consider legislative health and safety requirements as the minimum
  • Require that Subcontractors commit themselves to the above
  • Evaluate employees and Subcontractors safety performance


Performing our everyday tasks safely and ensuring that our actions do not result in accidents or create unsafe conditions requires: knowledge of potential hazards, preplanning, thought and individual responsibility. Be Aware, Think Ahead And Be Safe!

Northway Construction is committed to the prevention of workplace accidents and we ask that all those who are conducting work in our workplaces, adhere to the detail and intent of this Health and Safety Policy Statement. Those who fail to work in a responsible and safe manner will face disciplinary actions.